Deep Frying Chau Yau Yii

Parents are away and so while waiting for wife to
make dinner, I decided to change the fridge's
bulb which took me 3 days to buy. But it was
blown 2 weeks ago.

So now, I do not have to fear groping for stuff in
the dark and then discover new fungus species
that stuck to my hand on the way out.

And so, for tonight's dinner, the finger food was
prawn crackers but in the shape of fries

The real dinner was actually deep-fried squid and it
was dangerous. We had to protect ourselves from the
hot oil which was coming from the exploding squid. I
mean, when you're deep-frying, there would the one
or two occasional pops which you can avoid but in
this case, we're talking about explosions.

After all that, I decided to slice an onion and
dipped them
into the remaining batter.

Suprisingly, they did not throw any tantrums
like the squid but just sat there quietly.

Well, they look quite appetizing and beautiful
Anyone want some?

Really? No one?

OK, all for me then. Later on, I was lucky I
did not have stomach ache as it was very oily.

Kaelynn's sarcasm shining brightly:
You want me to eat with fingers?


Blueyebabe said...

what happen to her hair...again?

CFC said...

Oh, this is her hair starting to grow again, after what happened last month.....