12092011 Mooncake Festival

Its the Mooncake Festival tonight and I was surprised when Wife told me to come home early from the office. Guess I was too busy to notice what day it was except that its a... well, working day, day.

After dinner we all came out and well, looked at the moon for any signs of the rabbit. I was actually thinking of the idea of looking inside the mooncake for secret messages but alas, I don't think there's any. It would be fun if there's any, esp from the Wife but since the mooncakes are distributed among the family, the chances of it happening is zilch. Imagine my Dad consuming the mooncake and foung the message, "Put a white 'X' on your gate tonight, comrade. The plan is on and together we will win the day..." or ¼tsp flour, ½cup sugar, mix with margerine..."

Anyway, its time for the lanterns which the
girls always look forward to every year.

Although Kristine still has the fear
of fire, she did not show it when it
comes to playing with the lanterns

And putting them in a fragile and
flammable material was a bad
because with these girls, you
know what would happen next..

Ha! Fooled ya. These girls are growing up and
so, they are very careful with the lanterns
nowadays compared to two years ago

Sisterly shot-When they're
still best friends forever...

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