16092011 Trip to KK

So, once the question was asked, there was no way we could say our way out. And so, today is another attempt to get to that place and also, clean it up as well. Its starting to become a habit where everytime we were there, the usual ritual would be to clean up the place first. I can't really imagine the amount of dust accumulated even when the whole place was closed up.

Should I get two robot cleaners and get it to clean the place everyday? I am worried it might start a fire when we're not around or even kill rats/snakes/dogs/drunks, etc.....

But today, we decided that, its better
to start it off with lunch. After my 3-
layer tea, and all, we're in a much
better mood to face what is to come.

In the meantime, while we're doing the cleaning, we
had to make sure the girls are sitting in one place,
and not fighting one another. So, thanks to Pocoyo...

First thing for me would be the toilet, which, has
a broken hose pipe and a flushing system which
would not flush the right amount of water nor
fill itself up correctly.

Next, would be the sliding door, which, as you know,
would not slide but slither about. A simple screwing
session soon put that right, plus some WD40.

Doing this was a lot of work and not only that, we realised the place was quite sparse. And so, with the time remaining, we decided to scout around some furniture shops for ideas and maybe, pick up some bargains. This was because my idea of using bricks as furniture did not go down well with a lot of people. I mean, its cheap and simple. Maybe its because of the weight when we need to move it about...

This would look nice but man, so was
the price-tag.

I loved this lighted mirror but as usual,
there is this fear of putting it in the
wrong place due to possible Fung-shui
faux pas and also the real possibility of
scaring oneself stupid in the middle of
the night.

The kids wanted this, this, that, that and that, plus
that. We said no, no, no, no, no and no.

A nice inspiration for a shelf but
after heaing stories about the
glass shattering for no reasons,
this is not a good idea. Does not
matter if they are tempered or
not. It will shatter and there is
no warranty given. It looks nice
but not worth the trouble.

I wanted something for the front gate and these are
the solution. However, they are very expensive and
for the same amount, I can get a better one from
shops in Puchong.

The glass version looks nice but to be practical, its
going the be bombarded by the Sun all the time
and so, its not worth it. Also, you might have to
clean the internals of unwanted fungus or plants
periodically. And trust me, there is no replacement
for the correct part when the glass cracks.

These are cheap and light but knowing the properties
of plastic and UV rays, sooner or later they will either
yellow, crack or well, become brittle. One good
example would be your clothes hanger clips which
will crumble when you squeeze them.

OK, this actually feels very comfortable but the
design, oh dear.

It makes you think of some tube worms somewhere
under the sea and once in a while a tentacle or some
sharp claw will creep out...

I took this picture because... *ahem* I can. 'nuff said.

After that, it was dinner at the Taiwan's Formosa in
Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park where you have to pay
for food which you ordered.

Whatever food we ordered, it
was delicious.

Whenever I can, I would always order the
Yam rice.

And also the stir-fried cabbage. Its a simple dish
but a bit overpriced. Still the taste is simply delicious

And also this soup, which I forgot what its called...

...which has everything. OK, enough. I want to eat!
Nom nom nom nom...

Nom nom nom nom

Nom nom nom nom

As for Desert, which was given free
to us, its mango pudding.
Nom nom nom nom

Anyhow, once you have finished, they will give you a card where each stamp will be awarded for every RM20 spend. Do not lose that card because, well, you need to give it to me so that I can go back there for a free meal...

Actually, if you think about it, the prices there are slightly higher but as a treat for the family, its OK. Do remember, if you do go there, order the Yam Rice.

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