Cutting up the Stryker

Since I had some time, I decided to take the Stryker to its next stage, which is to open up the plastic bag and cut the model up. Yes, you read me right. Cut the model up.

Don't believe what you have read? Let me repeat it for you: Cut the 1/35 scale Stryker into two.

The cut was almost very clean. I got this tip
from Bruce as he told me how the tool can give
such a clean and controlled cut. Unfortunately,
the tool he has is much more expensive than
mine, so the cut is, although its OK, its not clean.

After finishing with the walls, I finished the job
with a saw. So, this is where you see the rough
edges from the saw. Then again, its a very old
saw and its not sharp anymore. I used to have
a hacksaw which has a very fine blade but after
the move, I could not find it anymore.

OK, job's done and now, its in two halves

Oh, the tool I used was the scriber. Technically,
this is a very cheap acrylic scriber since I could
not afford those expensive ones from Tamiya

And the next step, yes, its back into the 'to-do' bin again...

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