Baked Beans

When I was small, whenever my Mom used to cook baked beans for me, it would be one of those styles which I liked. At first, I did not notice it because I took it for granted. As a kid, you just ate what your parents tell you without any fuss.

It was not until when I grew up that I realised baked beans was delicious. The reason being, it has tomato sauce and goes well with toast. And not only that, when you cook it with some meat and even add an egg, it goes extremely well with rice.

Fry the garlic and shallots (or onions), then the meat and finally, the baked beans. If you want, you can also whisk in an egg.

Then scoop the whole she-bang onto the rice, mix it well and enjoy. I would like to recommend eating with your hands but for some reason, its a bit gross when you're so overcome with emotion, you tend to squeeze the rice/beans mixture...

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