Sometimes, I need someone sane next to me when I feel bored. There are a lot of things/mischief I could have gotten out of. For instance, the CCTV Camera that I have bought years ago and was too lazy to mount it to any car. Then it got lost.

But as Fate would have it, I found it right back at the most inappropriate time. What shocked me was the clear plastic lens which have become fogged. It was not until I put two and two together, did I realised what had happened. I was testing this camera months ago for a SFTPMS Lighting Workshop and found that the image projected as not clear. The mistake was, I left it alone after that and did not do any proactive repairs despite my instinct telling to do so.

Upon opening the camera again, I was happy that
the element itself was not damaged (I hope) and
I do not have a LCD screen to test it

This is very back, as if it fell victim to a flood. I
could not scrape the stuff off.

Wanna guess what happened?

When I first opened the CCTV, there was this soft clear spongy substance which I thought was silicon. And it was oily too. At that moment, that substance started to crumble leaving an oily surface. This was the part where I wished I had a time machine so that I could have stopped myself from opening it. I have just discovered silicon and thought that it was the best thing since hot-melt glues. I mean, what could go wrong, right?

What I did next was something stupid.

No, I did not order another camera.

I cleaned the insides clean of the mysterious substance and replaced it with silicon. And the silicon's fumes or something like that, reacted with the camera. It had all the time in the world too. And thanks to Bruce, now I know that it reacts to metal apart from giving off ammonia smell and sticks like crazy.

So, I am not stuck with a CCTV that might or might nor work...

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