Birthday Party at the Barbie store

Today is a very nice day for Kaelynn because she was invited to her classmate's Birthday Party. At Mi-Valley. At the Barbie Store. Yeah, Barbie Store. So, since it was a Saturday, we have to make sure that we arrive early to beat the jam. And not only that, the party had to be done within that specified time booked just like the Clownhouse.

And so, Mommy took the two girls to the party. Its actually located at the floor above.

This is one of Kaelynn's classmate, which she easily dwarfs.

After the party, both girls showed off their tatoos. Kristine was not supposed to be in there but she pretend dunno. Mommy offered to pay for the extra pax but the host, I think declined. or maybe it was just my imagination. In my shoes, I would also shrug it off since its my kid's Birthday and all. But inside the heart....

She looks very nice with her hair done up like that

Closer look at the tattoo

Well, someone got a 'free meal' *ahem*

I can tell you, they preferred not to wash their hands for days if they can help it.

After that, it was lunch at the nearby Food Court.

Something new on the left, some Mango shaving thing next to the usual bland ABC

It was delicious and so, I let Kaelynn ate as much as she liked.

Kristine with the new 1.5 MyVi. Nice or not?

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