That Dimple I

I am not sure why I did it but it done. I have noticed this piece of skin which juts out like a small dimple throughout the decade. When I was younger, I think I did so something about it, which was to use a sharp blade and cut it of. either I did not do a good job or, it grew back. Its always there and very conspicuous. Its only annoying once you ran your fingers through it and felt the dimple.

Then it nags at the back of your mind. And you will lose concentration for the rest of the day.

Just like this morning. But this morning was a very intense morning. If you look at the time-stamp of this blog, its about the things that happened this morning. Yes, this very morning. The morning where the Sun came out sleepily and not everyone was ready for work.

And so, this morning, I got my ass chewed. You know that feeling, the experience is so bad that as you stand facing the wrath, there is nothing you can do but bow your head and keep your hands by your sides (or backsides, or whatever). And at the same time, I made the mistake of running my fingers through my other hand...

and touched that stupid dimple. And the scathing goes on, my whole body was so desperate to escape that I was at the point of doing anything to run away from the verbal pain. And yes, my fingers unconsciously pulled the dimple until the skin came off. I felt a slight pain and some liquid, thinking it was blood. So, now I am experiencing pain from both fronts...

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