22012012 Trip to Mid Valley

OK, I'll admit it. We're on a last minute rush for the CNY stuff. There were quite some things to buy but because of my working schedule, it was not possible to do anything until today.

Not sure what they're trying to do with this deco and since in a rush, not going to care

Everything was going OK until we stopped in front of the Sushi King...

"We only have enough for this sushi, OK?"

"Once you finish that, you can order something else."

Its fun to see them try eating with chopsticks

Yeah, as I said, its fun. But I need to start training them properly.

Oh-oh. Better order something else quick, the way she is looking at those sushis, it might be expensive.

OK, some noodles for her and rest of the Bento sets for us.
Passed by the Food Court and it was literally shut down. 40 minutes ago, it was business as usual. Went to V-Hobby but they closed their shutters halfway. darn. Wanted to the the twin Element EX-6. Yeah, 40 minutes ago, they were still operating. Notices everywhere said shops will close at around 1600 but everyone closed hours to half hours earlier...

Just can't help playing with a few poses.
After that, we were just in time for the Drum exhibition. Which is very nice. I got the video but I am not sure if I want to upload it since its quite shaky.

The long Tunnel of Waiting Spouses.

Peek-a-boo at Jusco. The girls were in very high spirits despite everyone around us 'rushing'

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