28012012 Chinese New Year Outpost Celebration

Finally, I arrived at Richard's Place for his CNY Open House. This is a good place to relax and unwind because, his place is full of figures, props and reference books, filled wall to wall. And in the middle of it all, a large screen to watch the DVDs and Blu-Rays. I am thankful that I was one of the lucky few that gets to be invited yearly and to tell you the truth, the food he dishes out, is, erm, much better than The Outpost (ahem). That is because, he cooks it himself...

There are a lot of books which I could camp out at his place for days but there is one particular book which I wanted to show you. No, not the Tron;Legacy nor the Star Trek Vault. Its the Hayne's Manual.

This is the very much sought after Hayne's manual. Originally, Hayne's only does real-world transports. Now, they have ventures into Sci-Fi.

Unfortunately, my excitement upon opening this book died. I think they tried to design the pictures in Hayne's style but man, this is the 21st Century. Stop with the black & white and newspaper dots!

Yawn... you can download this from the Internet

Although I do apprceiate them doing this book but the more pages I turned, its as if they joined the Star Trek bandwagon too late. As in decades too late.

Whoa.... colour all of a sudden. Were they reading the Deep Space Nine technical Manual?

I think, this is the only page worth y of the book. But since its not shown in the movies or TV series or even by Rick Sternback/Mike Okuda, it is not canon.

Richard preparing the Yee-Sang

Raw Salmon!

Tossing of the Yee-Sang. This is the best part. Another best part was, I got a lot of the raw salmon...

Later on, it was business as usual...

Darth Maul Chopsticks, both halves held together by magnets

Panoramic view of the place.

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