AF Hobby

Today, I have made up my mind to look for this AF Hobby, which is located somewhere in Ampang. I wanted to see what this shop has to offer and to be that far away, they must be very special. More special than spesial.

But before I can start my journey, I need to make sure the Family is well-fed. But buying from Jusco?

Actually, its from their Home Department where they have a stall selling Asam Laksa and Nasi Lemak

Depending on their Chef of the Contract, sometimes, its delicious.

Finally, on a Sunday afternoon, I made it. But somehow, arriving to this area has already given me an uneasy feeling.

So, this is the place and we (as in we, the customers) had to give the owner a call as he is late in opening the door for us.

But once we're in, all my negative thoughts vanished. I was like a little kid again. There were rows and rows of Gundam kits which, in the outside World, had vanished.

There were lots of accessories and also, those Koto part which we rare in the market too
I think I have spent more than two hours in that place and to be honest, every kit I saw, when I backtracked, seemed to be 'lost' in the stack again. And then, my mind forgets about it when at the corner of my eye, more new kits. Suffice to say, If I wanted to, I could stay trapped in there for well, a few months although its nothing more than just a shoplot and 8 shelves. Would I go back there again, the answer is yes.

But not so soon la... need to recuperate after the CNY as I am really broke again, what with all the ang Pows.

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