My design dilemma

Should I or should I not?

This is the question that has been bothering me (that is, whenever I remember to think about it). This is a Lighting system for the Polar Lights's 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise which I finalised the design in 2009. What is does is to light up and strobe the appropriate LEDs (Navigation and Strobe lights) for FOUR different Starfleet ships, namely:

1. Star Trek NCC-1701A from the Motion Picture,
2. Star Trek NCC-1701A from Star Trek VI,
3. NX-01 Enterprise, and
4. NCC-1701 from the 2009 JJAbram's movie

Yes, I spent quite a number of hours searching, rewinding and forwarding on each DVD and using my watch's to get the timing on each flash/strobe. Its not easy because for each movie, the Enterprise has different timing, thanks to different SFX companies doing them. In the end, I analysed the timing and sort of compromised them a little so that I have enough memory on the chip to give me at least four different timing options. (I mean, hey, I want to build those models too)

This is also the first time I actually had a Professional PCB done and I was quite excited about it until I realised the consequences of accepting the MOQ conditions (Minimum Order Quantity). In the end, I had way too much PCBs on my hands and even if I decided to give it to some of my friends, they would not even know what to do with it. So, I decided to sell them. Yeah but unfortunately, there were a lot of things I have not experienced yet, some of which are manufacturing problems, doing the instruction manual and also, getting people to buy them.

So, it was not until this year that I more of less have a little bit more confidence in getting the product out. But man, there are so much soldering to do...

And so, this is one module out of four which I am still designing.
There are still the Photon Torpedoes, the Ward/Impulse system and also, the Navigation Dish. And all to be controlled by one optional main controller board.

However, the Cylon Raider have overtaken this project and so, I'll start with that first.

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