New USB stuff

Now is the time to have a look at the loot i got over the weekend at All IT in PJ's Digital Mall. Originally, I wanted to get a mouse for my Wife's Notebook. One thing led to another and I ended up with a lot of stuff. Or was it the other way round, which is to get my Wife a USB Drive and I got a mouse...

So, now I have a USB Drrive, a USB Wireless Mouse and a, um, USB LED light

The choice of this mouse took me quite some time. At the end, I relented and got this, due to its, ahem, packaging.

Compared to my old mouse, it is bigger and so, more comfortable. However, it does not have the two side switches which I am so used to. Then again, at RM39.00 I am not complaining.

If you have seen this design, you have seen them all, The mice on the market now, is just the same as the ones years ago. You just have slight variations on the desin such as size, scanning technology and well, design.

What got me was the size of the wireless transceiver, which is tiny compared to the old mouse.

[Update:July 2012]
This mouse sucks. It eats fresh AA batteries every 3 weeks! I should have realised why it was s o cheap. Compare dto my old mouse, which I am using on my aging Notebook, the battery lasts even longer. Dammit

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