08022012 Trip to ICW

Feeling depressed, I decided to go to ICW (Infinite Creation Workshop) to cheer myself up. This is the place to go to because on the random occasions, they will bring back some wonderful vintage or unique model kits from their travels to Hong Kong and Japan. Not only that, there would be more completed models to ogle at, all done by the Sifu's there.

Modeler starter kit. If  you need to build your model in a rush, this is for you. Otherwise, it would take time to build you own tools. And most of the time, its usually very personal.

I got this from Litt Tak's Warehouse sale long ago and now, this would be the second kit and they sold it cheaper....

I was besotted with the unit's shoulder systems and in my plan, a spare model is important

For the price I got it, it was a real bargain. Sometimes, you will feel very happy because you just happen to be there are the right time and at the right place.

Bandai an their pioneering multi-colour parts sprue

This is the shoulder part which is beautiful

And these are the shoulder's exhaust

Its not what you think. The Librarian is another group which developed this unique GUNDAM system.

How I wished the blade was clear...
And so, there you have it. It costs me less than RM100 to make me happy. But then sadness came back.


Because its going to the to=do bin and tomorrow, is another nightmare day for me...

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