It came!

After picking up Kaelynn, I had roughly less than an hour before picking up Kristine. And so, I decided to pop down to Pasar Road to get some stuff for R&D on another project. While I was there, the owner was at the shop too and we talked a bit on the life in KL. Also, while discussing about my circuit board, he enquired his staff about the progress since it is very odd that there were no news from the PCB vendor. This was because, on the last communique, the vendor promised that they would get in touch with him should there be any problems in my design.

They did not and so, they went ahead with the production...

Which we both found out, much to my delight. But I am also at a loss for words because this caught me by surprise and I do not have the money with me not could I get Bruce to come up with his half in such a short time. And so, luckily, they were quite receptive to Mr. Chart's services.

Perfect. Its right here, in mu hands, after so many to and fro, its right here!
And so, the next step is to get the necessary components and solder them. Easier said than done because this means mucho $$$, something which I readily do not have...

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