Ryoga's first and (final?) Sale

Today is Saturday and its just not any Saturday. For you see, there will be a lot of people coming to Hobby HQ. The first 'attraction' would be Ryoga's first Sale, which he is offloading a lot of rare vintage Tamiya car kits. You can tell that everyone is excited because his phone would not stop ringing or receiving SMS since 0300 in the morning.

Secondly, is that Hobby HQ has received a shipment of more model kits. And this time, from the list, these kits are not your normal stuff but the of the bigger scale. So, its going to be a very good Saturday indeed. After I have bought the necessary items for Richard's Project, it was time to head to Hobby HQ...

Its 1108 in the morning, looking at the clouds, it
looks like it might rain. And Mr. Low is still not
here. The cleaning lady and another SFTPMS member,
Jackson was already waiting for Hobby HQ to open.

And so, while waiting, I decided to
try out Pokka's Mango Milk, which
I got from the 7-11 moments earlier

And I must say, the milk tastes
quite good. It reminds me of the
mango flavoured yogurt drinks.
This is a far contrast to the normal
mango drink which has a sharp taste

Anyway, moments after I have finished my milk
and introduced myself to Jackson, Ryoga finally
came. And all his stuff has been taken as you can
see from his car boot, where all the bags has been
labelled for each SFTPMS member.

Since I do not have his permission
to reveal his identity, I will have to
resort to the 'ski mask' mode.

There is another reason why everyone
is eager to come to Hobby HQ today;
The arrival of new stocks. And here,
someone could not resist in getting
more models.... *ahem*

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