The Ice Age 4 show!

Kaeylnn kept reminding me that on Friday night, at 2030 on some Astro Channel, they would be showing Ice Age 4.

Which is funny because Ice Age 4 just finished its run on the cinemas. And Unker Ho also mentioned that they do not have any copies yet. So, the only show would either be Ice Age 3 or, the 'Making of' which is as usual, a waste of time.

Long ago, when these shows started, they really showed you how it was done. Interviews with the Effects people, the actors plus some sample behind the scenes footage really made me glued to the TV. However, since 2000 or so, it was more of a long commercial. If you do not believe me, go watch one now. The show would have a repeat of the trailers after each 5 minutes commercial followed by a repeat of the same scenes, and if you're lucky, you get to hear about actors saying what fun it was to be working with so and so.

The girls were all ready at their seats and they were at it for hours

Mommy cooked some potatoes (of my favourite kind)

And some roasted chickens
Anyway, how did the show go?

Kaelynn said the TV got it wrong and the show was supposed to be at 1900 instead. Oh well, guess I'll have to see Unker Ho for the real deal.

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