1/32 Moebius Cylon Raider Part 9

The package arrived to the house today, and as soon as the postmen delivered it, I quickly took it and opened the envelope. It was a bit risky redirecting the delivery back to the house because if the postman delivered it when no one was at home, this would mean going all the way to the post office to collect it and usually, it is the day after. So, for a person who is impatient, this is a hassle.

And so, the package arrived just after 16 days,
which is quite fast since its from Hong Kong.

Ooookaaayyy..... cling wrap and tiny sponge inside
a bubble wrap envelope. Very nice. Sheesh.

And the SSOP chip still does not fit!
WTF. Oh, Come On!

And so, this is very disappointing. I am now left with 20 SMD chips which cannot be fit into either adaptors, and even if they do, I still have to make another adaptor for the adaptor. Why? Its because these damn chips are 20 pins as the manufacturer added two extra pins and if I plug this straight to the programmer, I am going to end up with useless chips. So, I am not going to spend anymore money on these. I have no choice but to shelf it away until there is a more suitable time for me to look into ICSP (In-circuit Serial Programming) properly. Moreover, because its so small, soldering is going to be a problem too. Sigh. Wasted a lot of time and money for this.

And due to time constraints, I could not meet up with my friend for him to get the boards cut into shape. I can cut them but because of the odd shape and the board being fragile (as in brittle-ly fragile) , one wrong move will result in them crackling or breaking into two. Sigh. More time wasted. I think the rest of the International community have theirs done by now.

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