Trip to KK 18082012

18082012 2132
Its been, what? More than six months? I think its more than that. But we still need to come here. I mean, if its not us, who else? Anyway, this place is very dirty because I find myself washing my feet more than 6 times a day. Don't believe me?

This is the sight that greeted us when we opened the door.
The whitish square area was the original spot for the mat.

This is the result of just one wipe across the dining table.
By the time I finished wiping, it was black.

After ten steps, my soles were black.

The cleaning really took the breath out of the two of us.
So, we ate out. My 'Lam Mee' was the first to arrive

As the rest were still to come, I gave some to the girls which they did not like at first because the sauce was too salty. Then when I added the noodles into the spoon, they loved it.

They loved it so much that well, I still have some left...

My leg is still swollen and this is already one month.
Funny thing is, with the Baking Soda, the pain in not there but it swells.

After that, it was grocery shopping at Carrefour.
Kaelynn was alert enough to help put the bags into the trolley without me asking while Kristine was staring at the counter and at Kaelynn taking the bags.

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