15082012 NERF @ BU11

Woke up late this morning and the result is, as expected, Q was late for the NERF Damansara session at BU11. Normally, its either BU11 (lots of hills and kids) or SS2.(lots of ankle tripping rooted trees). Anyway, I was there for the best moment (I think) as this was where the Head of RA, Mr. MK, created two new games.

The first one was 'King of the Hill' where opposing players from each team squared off in the ring and with only three darts.

The second was 'High Noon', where it was the speedier version of 'King of the Hill' as each player has only one dart. But this is the more exciting version since both players have to be very very careful with their shots.

Anyway, one of the reasons I was there was that I have bought a Longshot front barrel from Adrian and I need to collect it from one of his friends. Its for the shotgun grip project. The Xplorer kit from Singapore is very impressive but due to the cost, especially after the exchange rate, somehow, buying two pieces of cast plastic that costs about the same as the rare/obsolete NERF Longshot is well, to put it mildly, expensive.

When I came home, the girls greeted me with a lot of love and hugs for acquiring such a valuable piece of NERF history.

Here is the item in question. This is the front barrel of the NERF Longshot which does double duty. Not only does it lengthen the Longshot's length (and firepower?) but it also serves as a single shooter.

Before getting it to Pol years ago, I had a problem with the gun grip where after some difficulty sliding it in, I could not get it out. So, Adrian has thoughtfully made sure the barrel comes in two parts, where I can gingerly slide it in just for fun without it being locked.

OK, so the combination with a Recon is not a great idea as the weight is now gun forward, which is killing my wrist.

The truth o the matter is that I wanted this sliding piece which will be used for the shotgun grip R&D

The leftover, well, I'll think of another idea... later

Anyway, I shall use this piece as the core of the grip and see how to extend it from there. The grip will definitely have to be cut and modified since its very short. But it is definitely designed to be that length and I will tell you the reasons when I am doing the R&D.

With my 'new' Longshot, I was very tempted to put in another hole between the two so that I can have three adjustable lenghts on the Longshot. But this is not important now.

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