Ah Meng's 4x4

This was in today and I can say that its a very hot item.

Long ago, when it comes to car model kits, they are usually confined in the 1/24th, 1/10, 1/12 scale and the rest but never in the 1/35 scale, which is 'reserved' for Military kits. Maybe its due to Tamiya's strong presence decades ago which literally pushed the 1/32 scale off. But then that is my own opinion. As far as I can recall, there were no model kits in that scale and the closest was either the ARII 1/32 owner's club series or the Tamiya's 4WD. With the US 'involved' in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, these Toyota Hilux were revealed to be very popular among the rebel groups, pirates and even the Special Forces.

At one time, I was looking for a 1/24 version to do it up like my ex-Boss's previous car; He sold it to pay for most of our salaries. The one thing I am amazed is that I would half-heartedly expect this to come from Tamiya. So, it was with much trepidation that I took a peek at then Meng since I am still a little biased from these companies, having grown up with Tamiya. I know its silly since I am already advocating AFV, HobbyBoss, Academy and even ICM but habits and prejudice like these are hard to break.

That is, until I really looked into the box. The quality there is amazing, that I do not have to compare with Tamiya anymore, even if they can produce an ultra accurate version. These days, its who gets to the market early, wins the fans. Because if you're late, the third-party aftermarket guys would have already mopped the floor with you.

At about RM84, this is worth it because the parts are not only crisp and detailed, there were photo-etched parts too.
While I was searching on the Internet, I came across three classic Top Gear Videos where they tried to kill off a Toyota Hilux. And it still survives.

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