The Airbrush

Bruce was kind enough to get me an Airbrush so I can complete my two models before the SFTPMS Cold war Group Build Deadline in November. Yes, I have been building models. No, I did not highlight them in this blog.

I have been doing a build-log in two Forums and so, its no point repeating everything here. One day, I will highlight them in my website. Those two models are quite OK to me as they presents a lot of challenges which, I have never ever faced until now. And I can say, this time, after more than 25 years, I can finally say, I completed the models!

But why am I doing such silly things? One would ask. My answer is simple. I wanted to keep myself busy and also positive since job-hunting really takes a big chunk out of me, especially my dignity and self-worth. I am thankful for the Airbrush and also that I am also thankful for ICW who lets anyone use their airbrush compressor for free. All you have to do is to bring your own airbrush...

And so, tonight was the night I get to check out this Airbrush

To tell you the truth, it looked as if I had not been used...

But after prying off the pain reservoir cover off (due to some dried paint), and showing this to rayloke, all I have to do is to get some thinner and blow it off. Its a very high chance that its not rust.
And so, this Saturday, I have planned to try out the airbrush at ICW.

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