Little Ms. Engineer?

As I came home from the temp work, what I saw shocked me. There, sitting at my usual place on the table, was Kaelynn, holding a screwdriver. She was opening the battery hatch of her Tamagotchi toy. The battery I gave her a few days ago has died and so, she found another piece and well, decided to replaced it herself.

The first thing you must know is that I did not teach her how to use a screwdriver. Nor did I show her where the battery hatch is. I asked my Wife and she too, denied teaching her. So, in conclusion, she did this all by herself.

After talking to my Wife for a bit, we speculated that Kaelynn could have seen and observed me working on stuff. So, this is where she picked up the knowledge.
I am both happy/proud but also afraid since I did not teach her about the dangers of mains electricity

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