My new Toolbox

With my new job, I felt that its quite appropriate that I have a new Toolbox with me. Oh, I can use back the old one but I want that to be the House Toolbox. And so, finally, yesterday, I was the proud owner of a Hilti case. Now, when it comes to tool cases, the Hilti, to me, is a very hard to get item. Not that no one is selling but it has a lot of conditions attached:

1. You must buy it with the tool, or

2. The shipping fees are horrendously obscene, or
3. Its always the wrong item.

And so, after so many years of on and searching, I finally got one. And the best part of all? It was a swap, well, more or less.

This is how it happened...
During my 'free' time for the past few months, I tend to end up at HHQ, esp on Saturday afternoons. As a result, I start to get to know more about the 'regulars' there and also, the owner Mr. Low, starts to get friendly towards me as well. (No, I did not buy the whole shop). And so it happens that one day, we struck a conversation about toll cases and I was looking for a Hilti. Although there was a member working at Hilti downstairs, it was not possible to get one. But this kind gentleman, I call him 'Kow Lou' menationed that he has a lot of tool cases and if he did find a Hilti, he will get one for me.

Fast forward three weeks later, when I came to HHQ, I saw one below the table and sure enough, it was for me! And so, after much pleasantries, I offered him something in return for his troubles but he would not accept. When that failed, I offered in exchange, my Army ammo case which I am using as a tool case. And he refused too. However, one of the regulars heard about it and wanted it. So, in the end, I gave it to him.

And here, we learn more about the ammo box-
A. At a roadblock, you can be detained for owning such item, pending on the searching person. As this is an Army 'item', he would like to know where/how you got it, you see.
B. Its a machine gun ammo box, which was made in 3rd November, 1985. (Oh-oh)
C. The seal is intact and if it was submerged, the items inside would still be dry. (Well, they're bullets, of course)

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you, a Hilti case

Of course I cannot use it straight away since I need to remove some of the walls...

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