Mars needs Moms

The girls and I watched this animated CGI last night and well, one particular scene made me quite teary-eyed. For those who have seen this movie, I am sure you'll know which scene I was referring to. It was when the Supervisor's shot caused Milo to trip which caused him to shatter his helmet. In while he was gasping for air, his Mom took off hers and gave it to him. She then broke off the helmet's lever so that Milo won't be able to release the helmet. In that very moment, Milo's mom sacrificed herself for him without even a second thought. Her love despite his naughty ways.

And that was very touching. Sure, the afterthoughts would come in such as why didn't they share the helmet together? Why? Why?

Although this is just a movie and being CGI and all, it will be ignore once the curtain rises. And on the Internet, I discovered that although it was a Robert Zemeckis film, it was the biggest Box Office Bomb in Cinema History. Sure the 3-D motion performance capture technology was great but there is something unsettling about it too. Still, that is another story.

To me, this is how a Parent would react based on the information and environment that surrounds them. When there is danger, whatever else is unimportant save for your Family. And if it means sacrificing your Life so that they may live or escape from danger, so be it.

No hesitation.
No regrets.
Just Love.

As Milo's Mom quickly puts on her helmet to save Milo, she knew the risk and what would happen. But to her, it does not matter as long as one of them is alive. Her Love.


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