My Buffalo is dead...

Well, this is bad. When I came back home, and after helping to cook dinner, I was ready for my daily photo archive to my trusty Buffalo NAS only to discover, it cannot be connected. After some tests with the software and all, I had to look at the unit physically.

Yep, there was no power to the unit and after checking everything, I was puzzled. Then when I picked it up, I saw the melted power jack....

Man, this is so distressing. The Buffalo Linkstation had served me well for years and even when it was hidden in a hot corner, it did not fail. Until now. Its not possible to extract the data directly as Buffalo had done something to it, which you can only see the drive as an unformatted blank.

So, I have to search for an exact model, which I know is obsolete, and transfer the 1TB driver over, in the hopes that all the photos of the girls are still intact. Only problem is, where to get one?

Damn it.

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