How to mount your Roadtax

So, ever year, without fail, I have to do this. And if I don't not only would I not be able to drive my car, I would end up with a very messy windscreen. Long ago (since I can't remember when), I did not need to do this, but just slip the piece of paper which we call the Road Tax, under some vinyl sticker and that's it.

But no, some smart-ass thinks that since these pieces of paper are easily 'transferable', some bad hats can swap them with other cars and get away with it. And so, to stop these rascals, the new roadtax now comes with a tamper-proof feature. OK, in a nutshell, its just a perforated vinyl sticker.

Once you stick it on, it'll be a bitch to remove them without destroying the bloody thing. Which means, if you stuck it wrongly, you'll have to live with it for another 364 days unless you do not mind paying for a new one, which, is not as easy as you think.

All is well and the peasants bowed to the new rule, until some idiot had their windscreen smashed. Oh, yeah, imagine the trouble.... and so, to prevent this, and just like every year, if I can remember to tell you, I have come up with a solution...

Step 1
Get a road tax and a transparent window tint big enough to overlap the roadtax

Step 2
Remove the roadtax from the backing paper and stick onto the TINT itself.
Do not stick to the tint's backing plastic.

Step 3
Slowly smooth out the sticker and then, cut the excess tint away.
Note that I am using a slightly darker tint as this was given to me by a friend many years ago before he decided to close his Car Accessory shop.

Step 4
Remove the tint's backing plastic and coat it with slightly soapy water.

Step 5
Place the 'new' road tax sticker onto your car's windscreen and you're done!
So, when you need to remove the sticker, there is no mess. Both the road tax/tint sticker will come off easily

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