When you find out why he stayed up until 4Am, you will be shocked.

Did the title get you to read this? Its the trend for the past 12 months.

Anyway, the Client is coming down this Thursday and as a precaution, I checked the Lightsaber again as I kinda start to warm up to the LEDs going up and down. What I learnt from this experience is, if you can, you must never, ever, check your repaired items after 8pm.


I just switched it on around midnight before going to bed and my heart skipped a beat because, yep, that faulty LED segment decided to be... faulty again. This time I know where the problem lies and its actually on the blade itself. The idea of the LED going up and down the blade is cool but it is actually a very fragile piece of **** and trust me, this Lightsaber is meant only to be switched on and off as a display, and not, OK, not used for knocking objects, Pinatas, staging mock Lightsaber fights, moving cats out of the way, etc.


I have seen the circuit board for the blade and felt its fragility.  Not only that, the wires at the other end leading to the contact points are so fragile that when you move the circuit board about, it broke. Everytime.

So, if someone offers you a Lightsaber with a faulty blade like this, stay away. Stay far, far, away. And also, when you have a broken Lightsaber, stay away.

Stay far, far, away from me.

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