10022016 KUL 2 KCH

I am very grateful for the kindness that my new Job has bestowed upon me. I have never heard of any company that pays for their staff's flight over to Kuching, then again, for their return trip back home for the Chinese New Year. Even if there is one, I would not be surprised if there were strings attached unless you happen to be one of the Big Bosses. But the current Company I am working for, was very honest with the gesture and more so, when I am still in the Probationary period.

Though the 5 days seemed to pass by very fast, I am actually looking forward to going back to work.

With more than an hour to spare, I made my way to Marrybrown. It's a Malaysian homegrown franchise which offers various choices to the point of trying to please everyone. Some will label them as a KFC copy, a MacDonald's impostor and so on but they're doing their best. And personally, their menu spread is quite good too.
This is an image of their menu. I'll definitely need to try their Fried Chicken and also their Chicken Rice in the future.

Which brings me to their salads. I love salads especially Coleslaw. When I was younger, I thought KFC's Coleslaw was the best ever until I discovered Chilies and ultimately, Marrybrown's Hawaiian Coleslaw. So, before my flight back, I decided to treat myself to some coleslaw.

The flight this time is wonderful but for a 1hr 45 min flight, I could not get to finish this Movie. It's an irritatingly nice one but I felt as if the whole movie is just taking snippets of the comic strips and extended it, all the while trying to stay consistent. I am not even sure if this movie was about 'Charlie Brown the annoying Loser' or 'Get to meet the Red Haired Girl'. Worst of all since this is a talky, I did not expect Snoopy to make any noises.

Again, the sexy stewardess said, "Something something something curry and something something something fried rice". So this  time, I chose 'curry' and wow, its Murtabak and Dhal!

Luckily I checked in a day earlier as the flight was almost full again. So, the  seats 13, 14, and 15 are the right next to the wings and has ample space due to their Emergency exit locations. I'll try to get these seats the next time.I just hate eating halfway when the person in front suddenly leans the seat back and body slam heavily into it. Not that it has happened yet, though but I just can't imagine myself pouring the rest of my meal over their heads.

Testing of the new non-stick rice cooker by first boiling some water on it. The reason why I did this was because the current new one, has an aluminum pot which scratches easily and it took me days to remove rice which was stuck to it. I'll reserve that for soup making.

Right after I have settled my things. it was time to go shopping for some fresh stocks. The closest Supermarket is about 20~25 minutes  walk away. Although I did not feel the CNY mood here, there were signs such as shops not opening and the daily produce such as eggs and vegetables were not restocked. Sadly, I was so looking forward to some spring onions again.

Groceries for the day. I really needed to mop the floors and also, repair some things.

As you can see, this is where the water leaked from the Washing Machine but not, it is also not the cause of why it spun twice and stopped. Long term exposure to the Sun's UV rays, whether directly or indirectly, will cause plastic to become brittle.

Yum-yum! Its Grenadine with milk, and rice with egg/carrots/tuna/garlic!

Oh, and just in case you're asking about the Gardenia Butterscotch bread, they're all ready for the office tomorrow!

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