13022016 The Lone Cleanser Rides again!

Right after the Marketing, I am so pumped up that its time to get into the second agenda of the day which is to clean the place as much as I can. Don't get me wrong about the cleaners but being a bit fussy, I wanted to clean the place too, especially on the spot where I have moved the Bed. During my University days, Weekends were the time my flatmate and I took turns to clean the place. And in a way, you sort of feel very disciplined and glad you are part of some teamwork. More importantly, you had a purpose.

Today, things are not easy for me since the fuse keep tripping despite my removing all the appliances. I have isolated the fault, which I suspect is the wiring leading to the ground floor, and the main suspect could very well still be the washing machine. Unfortunately, this would mean all the power points on the Ground floor cannot be used for the time being. Lady Luck loves me because the Fridge is still working and soI can alternate its power point between the rice cooker and the kettle as well. In a weird kind of way, I am starting to enjoy this. Ha ha ha ha!

Seriously, one of the perks of living alone is that you can do your house cleaning when you want and how you want it. Feeling too tired to climb up to the bed? Fine, just lie there on the floor and doze off. Too tired to make a decent meal? Just chuck everything into the rice cooker and hope you don't need to use up all the toilet rolls. And so on. Its fun, isn't it? But I would stop at running naked across the yard though, even during midnight and in the heavy rain.

I had to rinse this more than six times to get the orange colouring out of the towel and its not even done yet. And at the same time, I was mopping the floor and trying to cook lunch as well. So much for multi-tasking.

What the... the brown towel also have colouring coming out!
How I wished I can use the washing machine. The closest laundry was 20 minutes walk away but since the weather does not look good, I'll have to hand wash all my clothes.

Did I tell you that every Supermarket I've been to, the cashiers are real fans to cable-ties?
Its starting to annoy me but just to pass the time, I would try to undo them using my fingernails

Mopped most of the place and now, I can lie nak... er, never mind.

Its good to have a fan to blow dry the clothes when the weather is not in your favour but it can take days to dry though.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sun loved to move to the neighbours's area, so despite the warm and humid weather its back to Mr. Fan at setting #3.

I'm so tired with all these cleaning, I just added everything into the rice, ate half of it and saving the rest for Dinner. Sometime next week, I am going to take a look at the gas stove and Man up enough to call for gas service. Then I might be able to fry some onions or even cook some curry. Edible curry, I mean.

However, in some nights, I do feel lonely without my Wife which I am so used to after we got married. I can ask for someone else to occupy the remaining rooms but this would mean giving up my privacy, having to accept their habits/cultures and so on. Something which I am not ready to acknowledge. Plus, rentals for girlfriends who can cook are expensive, if there ever was one.

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