14022016 Valentine's Lunch

I woke up to a very nice morning despite today's significance. And to be honest, I actually felt like walking to the shops just to alleviate my boredom/depression. But it was not to be since the weather felt as if it would pour anytime soon. Without a car, this means I cannot really go anywhere I like. But then again, I do not need such distraction since I want to really concentrate on the Job.

Anyway, feeling a little lazy today, I decided to make a simple salad. The noodles were an afterthought which will help the salad last until Monday.

Boil the noodles and then drain away the water. I am boiling two packs of noodles where I'll save the other half for tonight's dinner.

Dice some carrots and cucumbers, then add a tablespoon on tuna and sprinkle some sesame seed. Add in some corn and mix with the Kewpie Spicy sauce.

Add the salad to the noodles and start taking pictures...

The meal was great although the noodles were a little dry in the mouth. I need to get some sesame seed oil or next time, add in a little bit of 'soup' to it.

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