Coming back to Home Base

And just after two weeks in Kuching, it was time for me to go home for the Chinese New Year.

Its a Once in a Year thing for all Chinese all over the World, apart from Ching Ming (All Souls Day) to come back to their Paternal Home and have the all important Dinner on the Eve with their Siblings and other Family members on the who were unfortunately dragged along through marriage. Its also a time of patience and tolerance where everyone has their own ideas of doing things and how to take it when you lose at gambling.

But for me, I am just glad to be home to see my Wife and kids. The Flight for me, felt rushed because everything happened so fast. The 1hr 45mins felt like half an hour. This was was very noticeable because when I arrived earlier, the previous flight took less than 30 minutes for the passengers to alight, refuel and also, process the luggage. Then again, maybe I was anxious to get back.

So, on the very day itself, I needed to get the Grenadines (most of them) to my friends since I'll be going back next week and it would be a rush to do it by then. Plus, it could be a hit and miss too since everyone would still be away. After that, it was off to Mid-Valley for some CNY Food (OK, tid-bits) and a nice Family Dinner.

This was the meal served on board MAS. It must be that my flight was not the Lunchtime flight...
But man, that Chicken Sandwich is good!

Landing in another 20 seconds or so...
This guy slept though everything, even the meals.

My choice of seat was limited since the online check-in showed only less than 10 seats left.
By the time I boarded it was full. On hindsight, I chose the back since the front was already taken. So, I just sat back and enjoyed the commotion.

I would like to congratulate myself for choosing a yellow luggage as it was so easy to spot. But at the same time I was worried it might split open due to the 6 bottles of Grenadine inside. When it went through the X-Ray machine, I was asked what it was. When I replied it was Grenadine for friends in West Malaysia, they all understood.

I have never imagined carrying so many bottles of these was so hard to the point that it almost sprained my back and dislocated my wrist.

Kristine trying out the Authentic Kek Lapis. This was the Watermelon flavour.

After the first bite, she was literally hooked...

Kaelynn trying out the Grenadine straight and with milk while trying out her new Cheongsam

OK, so only my Wife and I liked it. She said its almost the same fruity taste as that Green Slurpee

Speedy Video are selling these...

And I only wanted these, but at RM39.90 just for the sound, its a little too much for me.

I was a little too late as this guy got the last Girlfriend for sale...

The Girls were asking for Chicken Rice and since 'The Chicken Rice Shop' was nearer than the Ipoh Chcken Rice, we went there instead. But personally, I felt that latter tasted different than the one in Jln Gasing.

The Girls are really growing!

Mid-Valley's CNY deco is so meh  this year.

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