22052016 Howling Winds

As I was working in the afternoon, I noticed a very peculiar sound as if there was a Jet Engine nearby. Since I am staying near the Airport, this was quite normal but today, the sound was louder. As if the Jet Engine was nearby. Suddenly the doors were slamming and it was not just mine. The room was quite breezy too.

So, yeah, there was a strong wind blowing and it lasted for more than 40 minutes. And the howling was scary...

I was afraid of the window pane exploding towards me if I start to climb up and close off the upper window. So, I left it alone and luckily, I did not open the window behind me or else... The wind flow in the place today was not a straight one but from the bottom to the bedroom upstairs (behind).

Half an hour later, there was a loud crash and this tree branch fell. Luckily the roof held and there was no car parked below.

When the storm abated, all was well until I noticed the kitchen's counter top was dirty. I had cleaned it more than an hour before. Which means, the wind was so strong, it kept blowing at the windows, freeing up any blocked debris in there.

So, any utensils that was not covered were affected.

On the next morning, it was time to go to work and survey the damage. I did not go out the evening before as the sky grew very dark within minutes. Although the wind was fierce, the rain that came with it was surprisingly mild.

The debris in front and all the while, I can actually feel the wind coming from the bottom at very high speeds.

The clean up crew will have their work cut out  for them today.

Lots of debris

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And so, this is my first time weathering a Windy Kuching Storm. And with the strong howling, I was very afraid of the glass imploding without warning and getting shards of them in my face.

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