I need to work on Monday

Well, so, um the Second Part did not happen. I was meaning to swap the thermostat in the evening when it is much cooler after the brief downpour. Alas, the pair of 10mm bolts were so tight, I was worried that my small Pro's Kit ratchet might break if I keep forcing the turn.

So, if my ratchet broke halfway, I might not be able to put the whole thing back again. So, this means, I might need to enlist the help of the Mechanics where I work. I was so into making a video of both thermostats 'moving' when I pour hot and cold water. You know, Science.


The water  temperature on the right usually points to about 25%, but now, its about 50%. This means and I hope is the problem with the thermostat.

This is one of the two bolts. Its a tight squeeze to get in there but the main problem is to apply enough torque to get the bolt moving.

And yes, Folks. This is the thermistor.

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