The Mysteries of Irirdium Spark Plugs

OK, its been roughly after 5 weeks since I change my sparks to NGK Iridium.
And here is my verdict:

The car has the oomph and can accelerate better than normal. Plus, on some days, when you just rest your leg on the go-go gas, the car would lurch forward, like a rocker waiting to be released.

But on paper, well, my data is not that great although I expect it to get less mileage.

[GREEN 19.94] This is during the MCO where the road is still not congested
[ORANGE 18.53] This is after the change to Iridium sparks and in full traffic
[BLUE 18.40] I am using this as reference data, which is a week before First MCO with full traffic

So, yeah, the mileage is slightly better when in full traffic [Orange] compared to the almost same traffic conditions a year ago [Blue].
Then again, I had to detour to drop off my kid last year and so, if I had to do the same this time, this means the data would be almost the same.

Somewhere at the back of my head, I know that when there is too much of a good thing, there is a disadvantage around the corner waiting to bite my ass.



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