Unser on my tail

The Toyota Unser is on heck of a workhorse, no doubt about it. It has great torque and with the 1.8L version, its like fitting a rocket to a van. Its like a step up to those normal white vans driven by monkeys on the streets. Unfortunately, the exterior design lacks the finesse that comes with the characteristics of an impatient brute. So, I am not suprised that a little old lady or a fine gentleman would turn into one when they get behind the wheel.

Yes, this morning, its the same incident all over again. (See Stupid Van Driver) I was in the normal lane and (at almost the same spot) there was this Unser on my right trying to cut in without signalling. So, there is no way I am going to do an Emergency Brake and let this guys pass while I get a kissed butt from the car behind me. So, the Unser guy had to slow down with enough space for him to cut into the lane AFTER I had passed, of course.

Maybe he's not in a good mood or he wants to regain whatever "face" he thought he had lost since there was a lady sitting next to him. Because the next thing I know, he was tailgating me. I know this because he was on my tail even if I sped up. Yes, you know what I am going to do next because he was so close and there is a traffic light coming up, he won't even let me slow down. This is a very dangerous and irritating stunt he is doing to me because I know that he is concentrating on tailgating me and he's is not aware of the traffic situation in front.

If I did the Emergency brake now, he would know I did it on purpose and this would be the start of a beautiful relationship. Coming up to a curve, I have a feeling there is something there because most of the mornings, there would be this suicidal DBKL cleaner who always sweep/clean the plants at the dividers. And they would always put a wheelbarrow at the side thinking that since its so small, most cars would be able to avoid them. By luck, the Suicidal DBKL guy was there (since he is still alive or got replaced) and so I feint surpise and did the Emergency Brake there and then.

Just a tap of the foot, I can see from my rear-view mirror (he has about a half-second reaction) he panicked, his tryres were screeching, and he fought to control the Unser. There were smokes from the tyres as well. After that, he regained speed (and composure) and switched to the middle lane in the hopes of (perhaps) killing me with his deadly stare. Unfortunately, this could not happen because there were other lane-cutters who did the same thing to him; cut into his lane without signalling.

Haih. One bad cut leads to another. Ha ha ha ha

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