System Installation III

So, today is the final day for the installation. It was quite exhausting and a bit eventful because:

1) Cabling problems
Out of the 88 telephone points we went through, we experienced three loose socket modules, three loose connections, six wrongly labeled points, two wrongly wired modules and one insufficient point.

2) Incoming Lines
The Time Telecom people came and put through all eleven incoming lines. Unfortunately, no one could tell me if all eleven lines are going into the system or not. Only when we were about to leave, did I find out which is the Fax line, and which is the main line. I have asked the fat person-in-charge (Fat PIC?) twice about the Fax and she said she does not know.

3) Wrongly labeled Floor Plans
Well, the version of the floor plan I got was very different from the one the cabling guy got and its not even the same with the one the IT Network guy got. Yeah, hence the wrongly labelled extension points and we wasted hours going through the whole floor

4) Miscounted telephone points
On the floor plan, there were 93 points. Unfortunately, they only ordered for 88 points. And it did not sink in until I reminded them that the floor below needs an extra 8 points which they did not take into account. All in all, plus the Operator's console, the system needs 102 points. If the customer needs to increase to that capacity, they would have to purchase more interface cards, phones and poor old me would have to do a bit of rewiring since the open-frame can only accomodate up to the existing capacity.

5) Faulty walkie-talkie
While we were going through the floor checking on all the points, the new walkie-talkies we were using picked up a lot of other signals and we could barely hear each other. So, my other colleagues who happened to drop by, decided to "play" with them, giving opposite instructions to whoever is listening. It was quite hilarious when the poor guy went up instead of down and exited the door when he is supposed to go in and so on.

6) Reprogramming of phones
The customer has a few different types of keyphones in use and because of one particular model's design, they cannot be swapped just like that or else some of the buttons would not work. So, by evening, we tried using the walkie-talkie to check on all phones again and reprogram where necessary.

The wires are all neatly tied once I installed the third cabinet taken from their old office yesterday

Overall shot of the system, with its cabling and batteries
Yes, you need batteries which is quite useful when there is no power

My assistant did this, so its a bit "loose" But all the incoming lines and 88 points are there.
This is called an "open-frame" system where wires from the system is on the left and wires to the telephone extensions are to the right. Each side is connected via the blue/whie "jumper cables". The reason is for easy maintenance such as when customer wishes to relocate a few extension, you just jumper to the new point instead of moving the cable.

There are 88 extensions and 10 incoming lines in there

How it looks when I closed it all up

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