System Installation @ The Place

OK, we had another system installation today, this time at "The Place". I cannot understand why they called it "The Place". Last year, we had "The Curve". And years ago, we had places with stupid names where they put the "d" in front, like d'Putera just to give it some speeshial name.

But "The Place"? I think they ran out of names or rather, imagination. But in real life, I would say, they ran out of things to copy. So, you go to The Place with The Car and The Wife to buy The Lunch, and the crap goes on and on.

Anyway, we got this deal because we were referred from someone who got our names from another one whom we met & helped from the one who..... God, I lost count. Anyway, this guy got us to supply the system to his client, who turned out to be his sister. He pulls the cables, we install the phones. Simple, right?

Ha. Ha. No.

The first sign of bad news was when he called me up in the morning while I was making chocolates. He boo-boo'd on the cabling.

So, I told him, its not a problem because I've know the types of phones they will be using, so, its Ok. But when we arrived in the afternoon, I realised the type of boo-boo we had to clean up. Its like cleaning your friend's PC monitor of Tipp-Ex after their Delete key was spoilt. Yeah, stupid was the word.

Apparently, he skimped on the cabling by getting two phones to share on one 4-core cable. (It will work but in the long run, its going to be trouble). Each phone takes a pair of cable. But what he did was to mix up the four cables altogether for every table. So, a simple 2.5 hour installation turned out be more than 6 hours, where 90% of the time was spent on getting the stupid cables right.

So, instead of being sarcastic and emotional, we concentrated on the job on hand while he sits quietly in a small room, watching DVDs and eating his lunch.

Damn it. But the money is dem good, which balances the crap.

Reminds me of some sacrificing altar.
Stab, stab, stab and all the blood flows to the pool on the right

The entrance to "The Place"

After walking around this place, I kind of start to like it.
Except for those stupid Ground Floor cafes which played the wrong songs

So darn hungry, by the time we finished, I stopped to buy some food on the way back to the office but they were too greasy

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