As you pull you car to a stop at the lights, there is nothing for you to do other than to wait for the lights to turn green. So, you mind slowly drifts to other things like what you will be having for dinner, how nice your friend was, and what sort of porn you would like to download, etc. Then, lazily, your eyes noticed something and you would go like:


While you're going nuts and frantically stomping on your brake pedal and pulling the handbrake lever more than you should, your mind is slowly coming back to you. Yeah, you car is NOT moving at all, doofus.

The other car is.

Its just that the stupid lazy driver who stopped next to you did not use the handbrake. And their legs got tired stepping on the brake pedal. You know the whole works: Tired legs means no grip on the brakes and the car rolls forward/backwards.

Whenever you need to stop the car longer than it should, you MUST use the handbrakes. Handbrakes uses cables to lock the rear brakes securely and it does not tire your right leg. Yeah, most people think that its wimpy/stupid/bothersome when it comes to using handbrakes.

Of course, this is stupid. The car would have rolled backwards and kissed your bumper (which in Malaysian Law, you could be in the wrong since you are the car behind when it comes to collisions). Which in my case, results in unecessary honking and a potentially ugly scene.

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Anonymous said...

yeah i kena these kinda illusions before... esp when the vehicle next to me is a big big lorry/bus... when it glides slowly forward, it gives you an optical illusion as if your car is moving backwards... kekekekeke