Visit to the South Part III

After completing our rounds in Johor, we drove to Melaka and spent the night there at Orkid Hotel. This time, I relented with the room rates after what happened the night before. So, this will be RM125 per night. We had to pay Rm150 cash as the Credit Card machine "rejected" my colleague's card (Which we founf out later, their machine was not working properly). But this time, the location of the Hotel was quite good. And the hot water is really hot, unlike the previous Hotel which was had to wait for minute before luke-warm water came out.

Its a double bed but all the light controls were at the console in the middle
My colleague spent a lot of time figuring out how to activate the lights at the slot near the door because in normal hotels where you use those swipe cards, once you slot the card in, the whoel room lights up. This one did not. Ha ha ha ha

I did not like what the two pillows were doing to each other while hiding in the cupboard

This is the Bayview Hotel across from us, which we could have stayed in but did not

And next to it was a fairly good place for eating out at night
And inside it was also a 24 Hour mini market

Workers painting the side of the Hotel

Its one of the straight streets in Melaka and 7-11 is just in the middle

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