Trip to Sarawak Day Three (Friday)

Although everything is still on schedule, I was not happy as if it wasn't for yesterday's delay, I could have been in Miri today. But then again, small flights are prone to such incidents. Anyway, there is only two flights to Miri today and I have to make sure that I get it (as the first one was at 0630). Unfortunately, apart from the slight delay (again), I was not able to get the last flight back to KL for the night. There was one for tomorrow morning at 0630 on Saturday but it was a Business Class which I would have to top up. So, I had to settle for Sunday's 1550 flight instead. Yeah, I could have either pay the difference or even buy another ticket from Miri to Kuching and then get a ticket from there to KL. Since I was rushing to make sure I catch the customer before they close for the week at 1730, I settled for Sunday's flight.

So, I had about less than two hours to visually check all phones, program them, repair the cabling and also replace those broken ones. Because if I cannot, I would have to wait until Monday.

My colleague whose was in Sabah, had to return to the customer again as they have discovered a new complication. They even got their own staff to pick him up from the airport and also send him back. But by the time he was finished, he got the chance to see his plane fly off without him.......

Anyway, for the next two days, I am stuck in Miri. I could have made an extra effort to try to get back on saturday but I am already exhausted.

0800 - Breakfast in Hotel. No buffet
0830 - Visited customer in Bintulu
1330 - Flight to Miri was delayed to 1415
1530 - Visited customer in Miri
1830 - Checked in to Hotel Dynasty
1715 - Explored Miri after a nice shower
2240 - Sleeping time
Midnight to 4AM - Can't sleep. Watched Waterboy, Die another Day and bits of other movies (while drifting in and out of sleep)

This is the morning view from the Bintulu Hotel

Instead of a buffet, I had to choose from a menu (consisting of four dishes)
So I settled for 2 sausages and eggs and a coffee (Orange juice is extra)

And parts of the Hotel was under construction

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