Rude Farnell Staff

*Ring-Ring.... Ring-Ring....*
"All of our bla-bla is busy, bla bla bla"

Girl: Hello, this is shyawqw speaking, how may I help you
Me: I would like to ask when if your new catalogue coming out?
Girl: Probably next year, la.
Me: You mean the items in the *click*

*Girl hangs up on me*

I am not sure what is the problem with her. She spoke so fast I could not get her name and with her "I couldn't care" tone of voice it put a shield between us. And this is not the first time I had bad encounters with Farnell. Every year, without fail, I would always get the same reply from them regarding their "precious" catalogues, it was either out of stock or only for their customers. And I registered with them already, having an account too.

Then last month, when I dropped by to purchase a PIC chip (as their website said they had one in their warehouse) I was told to call before coming over since the website indicates the amount for the WHOLE of Asia warehouse.

And today, I got cut-off from a girl after being given a sarcastic answer.

With RS around, I don't really need Farnell anymore. I was supporting them since the mid-90's but this time, this is the pits. Things went from bad to worse after Newark came in.

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