My Car suddenly died..... She's back!!!!

I just got back my car and she behaved better than norma. This is because one of the crew is a modder and he did something extra. :D

The bill was not as much as I though it would be since the pistons are all OK. So, let me put it this way; Its less than RM2,000K, with enough to buy an entry level Nokia Mobile Phone to boot. Anyway, I need to drive around for a few days to see if there are any problems. The problem in Malaysia is, once your car is out of the workshop, its perfect. But once you give it a few days, you can see the results. Still, I am happy anyway.

And the extras?

-He ported some areas
-Redo the tappets
-Serviced the brakes
-And also the clutch
-Plus many other things which I have yet to find out.

And the Doctor says the baby is fine too. Yippee!

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