Wesak Day @ Brickfields

Today is Wesak Day, which is a Public Holiday. Ever since we got married, we started to come here for our blessings. There would be a lot of devotees as well and not only is today a hot day, it is also very important day for Kristine as this will be her first time here.

Bloggers suanie and angelfire were there as well but time was too short for me to introdude myself properly. And no, I am not going to put up their photos without their permission. Yes, I could get killed that way.

As soon someone starts to put in a coin, others
woud rush over as well

Once there are no more "donations",
they would go back to their resting place

Yes, today is a hot day indeed

But this poor woman is not so fortunate as
she was crawling on the floor towards the shades

Nothing is stopping him

Some NST reporters

This NST guy is literally everywhere

Even at the fountain

My wife sent me to light the candles and burn the joss sticks
My arms got burned from all the candles laid by the aunties

Yeah, they're everywhere

Wife tying a blessed item on her husband's wrist

This is the most wonderful thing there
You WILL always want to stand there

Brisk sales at the candle section. Ha ha ha ha

Outside, there are lot of stalls

I was tempted to a lot of stuff a the stalls

People were everywhere

And so were the beggars

Fortunately, there were crowd control
to keep things fine and dandy

Unfortunately, some did not pass the quality control

I was tempted to order one but wife noticed the bowls
and stuff were dunked into a pail of water which was
from the melted ice. And the though of recycling came to mind

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