On the way home

I have strated to buy stuff from these trips and bring them back so my family and thstaff in the office can eat them. But this year, my trip was not complete because something was missing.

These are called Lekor. They're made from fish.
You can slice them thinly for that crispy feel or
just turn them into 1cm strips
Either way, you still have to deep fry them

This is the route back from Genting and its called the Karak Highway
See the yellow sign?

It says, "No selling stuff here"
Which means, no selling lemangs (fired glutinous rice in bamboo shoots)
on the side road
Which is well because there were a lot of construction on the highway

So, everyone moved here, just about 1km from the Toll
Since we're going quite fast, it was too dangerous to
switch lanes to go to them

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