System Installation @ Kuantan III

Today is the last day of our installation. It would have been completed yesterday if it weren't for the cabling problems. And also the "missing" items. once we have gone through a few trial runs, the customer is happy and that concludes our installation. Of course this was not possible without the help of a certain anonymous celebrity in the industry. We can show you the photos but then, we would have to kill you afterwards.

Just as we were about to clean up, the two fellas offered to help us
as they need to close the metal trunkings

So they gathered all the cables and stuffed them "carefully"
inside the trunkings. Notice how they use wooden sticks to
make sure the trunking does not warp nor cables falling out

And also they "carefully" tidied the junction box with the
cables all inside. Note that the giant toothpick is to make
sure the cables do not jump out at any curious person

All done! And it looked quite alright!
(Just as long no one tries rock climbing)

So, we awarded ourselves with Nasi Goreng Pataya
in weird sauce and bits of mutilated chicken

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