Star trek meet

There was a meetup with all the members of and at Section14's Secret Recipe. The plan was to have dinner there and then adjourn to Section16 for a private screening of Star Trek movies.

Unfortunately, due to the last minute events in the house, I was only able to make it for the Section14 venue, introduced myself, chat a bit before rushing back home with dinner in my hands. I was planning to return for the second part of the night but by the time I got both kids sleeping, it was after mid-night. cheh

This is ncc1701a's excellent ERTL X-Wing model. I had enough
time to suggest how to light up his LEDs using an external
power adaptor instead of the more expensive coin
cell batteries. How to calculate the resistors
needed. And where to get more of those
wire-wrapping cables in Pasar Road

Everyone was enjoying themselves and the Orange
Yoghurt Shake I had was quite nice, eventhough
it tasted a bit sour. And yah, never sit infront of
the air-con. Most of us had to order some
warm water as well

While I bought my Wife a KFC Snack Plate, I got
myself that Meltz thingy. By the time I got Kristine
to take her bath, the food was already cold. So, the
Meltz tasted like shit.
It felt more like someone poured some cheese sauce
over some KFC chicken chunks, crumbles a few tortilla
chips and some tomatoes. And then proceeded to wrap
it all up with a very dry chapatti

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