Ma hai! I've been at it since three in the afternoon and now only its complete. I got my Notebok back from having its Windows XP Pro reinstalled and its hard disk formatted. And for seven hours, I was upgrading and upgrading the darn thing. Service Pack 2 la, Security updates la, programming software la, drivers la, etc. Have to get all these basic things done before my trip to Kuantan tomorrow.

And once I come back, then I can install the software for my FujiFinepix camera, my IMs, projects, etc. But for the past few days, without the PC, I felt so naked and yet free at the same time. Then reality starts to kick my butt because without it, there is a backlog of customers gathering around the corner.

All because some smart aleck decided to rename my PC as he sees fit in the office network.

Damn it.

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