More bubbles

A few weeks ago, Kristine's Body Shop Bubble bath (a gift) ran out. And the closest was Body Shop which costs above Rm25. So, we had to look for alternatives. Boy, this is so weird.

In my time, everyone had heard of bubble baths bot not these new Generation Sales Arsessitants. We were searching all over from Toys R Us to JayaJusco to Carrefour to Cartoon Land (I think) to baby shops. No one has heard of it. Either its the changing of the times or that our education is such that we dare not expose ourselves to other things other than one main religion.

It was not until we were in Tecso by chance, and saw it. Yeah, we went nuts and bought two bottles.

And then, I discovered something else too. I used to splash the water or hose into the tub to make the bubbles. (It was tiring). Then one night, I used the small mug, riased it up and then pour it back into the tub (for about 15 times). The bubbles were much much better.

Don't bother me! I have three weeks of Bubble time to catch up!

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