MixFM's Living in a Box

While I was at CineLeisure, I went to The Curve to get some cash so that I can get a thumbdrive for my Wife and also to pay for the day's parking. As I sauntered to the middle court, there was some noise which caught my attention. Apparently, it was MixFM/CIMB's "Living in a Box" contest. Luckily, that "noise" was not a MixFM DJ because he was so boring, he can't even draw a respectable crowd.

When I was there, the contestants were in the middle of a somthing and not being able to follow the events, from a third person's viewpoint, the contest was boring, and it looked as if the Judges were undecided nor do they have any experience. Anyway,

So, the four of you do a blowjob to get some money to
decorate your invisible room

Which you share in a glass house for seven days

Four rooms and a common lounge with nothing but
a PC and some big pillows. Whether you shit, eat or
wank, everyone can see you. And you have to
apply for a week's leave. All this just to win a
RM50,000 prize. Stupid

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Anonymous said...

At least RM 50,000 is still money... bet u dun even earn that amount in a month!!! Ha Ha! Someone is eating sour grapes.